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The registry stipulates that domain name transfers are the same as new one-year name registrations. Transfers add to the time remaining on the registration at the other registrar, and do not start the registration over. The Registry will not add a year if the domain is transferred within the first 45 days of the extended/renewed year. Please allow 24-48 hours for the domain name to be moved to our servers once request has been completed.

Transfer Domain Process:

  1. Login to your current domain registrar (Ex: Network Solutions / Godaddy / Etc)
  2. Request an Authorization code/EPP Code for the domain being transfered.
  3. Unlock your domain
  4. Fill out our transfer domain request form in the client area under orders.
  5. Make sure you provide the EPP/Authorization code at this time that was provided from step #2 above.
  6. Complete the purchase and your will receive an email from us with a link that is required for you to click on in order to complete the authorization to transfer the domain name requested. Once this is completed you will receive confirmation when the domain transfer is completed and successfully moved over to The Factory.


  • Your domain MUST be "Unlocked" and have an "EPP/Authorization code" in order to successfully complete the domain name transfer to The Factory. If you can't get the EPP/Authorization code yourself we can put a request in but it normally takes 4-5 days for the completion of the transfer this way.
  • If you have made any changes to your contact information on a domain within 60 days your domain will not be allowed to transfer immediately. Their is a 60 day domain hold on all domains that are updated from the time the update is submitted. Once the 60 days have passed, we can request the transfer immediately.
  • Any questions, call us (775) 846-0522 - The Factory.
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